Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values



Red Team Reflections helps individuals and organizations to improve plans and strategies through the use of creative, alternative and contrarian ways of thinking, increasing the probability of success and the ability to adapt.


Within the next three years, we will positively impact at least 150 organizations and 1000 individuals, through our Red team reflections programs.


Adaptive, Scientific, Practical, Liberating

Perfection is in the details

The value of our values

Adaptive means making sure that the techniques we use are adapted to latest insights, and that we adapt what we do to the given context in order to maximize value for the recipient.


Scientific means that the tools and techniques we use are rooted in scientific research in the fields of psychology, game theory, brainstorming, organizational science, and any other field which is relevant for maximizing the effectiveness of Red team reflections.


Practical means that the tools and techniques should have practical application which helps individuals and organizations instantly to achieve “Ah haaaaa” moments and insights.


Liberating means unlocking maximum thinking power and productive ideas, enabling success.