Deliberate, objective and structured scrutiny of assumptions, decisions, plans and strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and optimize outcomes.

Red Team Reflections

Decision making has never been more difficult and more crucial than it is right now; we live in a world of uncertainty and we don’t know what the future will look like. In a world of fundamental uncertainty, an important thing is to be mindful of our assumptions, plans, strategies and have the ability to respond timely when change occurs.


Red Team Reflections provides a program to help optimize thinking, reduce inherent obstacles in cognitive and group processes and create “memories of the future” so that disruptions can be recognized early and can be met with with adaptive measures.


Red team reflections offers a very practical program that helps you:

1. Test and improve your plans and strategies.

2. Test and improve execution of set strategies.

3. Scenario planning and the creation of memories of the future.

4. Personal awareness regarding filters and biases to improve decision making and team interaction.


Unlock and optimize awareness, thinking and decision making through creative, alternative, contrarian and battle tested mental methods; take the red pill and discover how to eliminate weaknesses and create the best version of yourself and/or your business.